Krystal Ferguson

Executive Director

Tim Dunn

Rebecca Silberman 

Lavonda Perkins

Helo Mustafa

GIRLS AAU Basketball

​​Bill Edmunds




Our club philosophy is based on these key principles:

MENTAL: preparing players for competition, performing under pressure, as well as balancing their experience with the priority of “student first.” We want players to love coming to practice and working hard to get better academically and athletically. 

HUMILITY & PASSION: playing with confidence and having an identify about who you are as a player and what we are as a team. Play with passion but most importantly, practice with passion. Give it all you got. Be energetic and fully embrace the hard work that is needed in achieving whatever goal that has been set.

PHYSICAL: improving strength and conditioning in order to play hard throughout practice and games. 

TACTICAL: developing knowledge of offensive and defensive patterns of the game of basketball to be successful players. 

UNITY & SERVICE: development of discipline, commitment, and interpersonal relationships essential to be productive and positive contributors on the team and in the community. Do what it takes to make your teammates more effective and productive. Basketball is a team sport. So is life. A group that works together can accomplish greatness. Team success always comes first!

SKILL DEVELOPMENT:The coaching staff and trainers are dedicated to improving the individual skills of each player. Helping master individual skills necessary to participate/compete at the next level.

SPORTSMANSHIP:The players will respect each other and our competition.

FUN: Kids are traditionally attracted to basketball primarily because it is fun. We intend to keep it fun.

These key principles are the foundation of POTOMAC VALLEY THUNDER. We will work to improve our skills, work as a team, show good sportsmanship, and have a good time, all while competing at a high level.