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Koa Sports 
Here at Koa, we pride ourselves on being more than just a sports outfit. We like to believe we’re helping build community. Koa is committed to shaping kids’ lives through sports. Through the following approach, Koa aims to develop each child to his or her full potential as an athlete and a person: employing trained and dedicated professional coaches and instructors who operate under the supervision and management of our full-time professional staff, providing a positive community for our young athletes and their families, and using sports as a vehicle to teach life lessons like hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and coping with adversity.

Paul Easton Training
Coach Paul Easton is one of the premier basketball trainers in the United States. He consistently works with some of the top talent across the country and maintains ongoing relationships with coaches at all levels.
Drills and Skills Basketball Training provide private and group training to male and female players of all ages (Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Pros).
In addition, monthly camps and clinics are offered for organized and innovative training sessions for those players that want to take their game to the next level.

Potomac Valley Thunder partners with these amazing organizations throughout the year to enhance player skill development:

Explosive Performace (EP)
Explosive Performance is partnering with PVT basketball to deliver professional level athletic development.  Athletes will be assessed for movement quality, and training will include injury prevention, movement skills, power, strength, and conditioning.  We focus on every aspect of athletic development to improve your performance on the court, and wellness off the court. Explosive Performance (EP) is one of the top athlete training programs in the country.  Our expert Coaches will help you to "Train Like the Pros" using the same scientifically proven methods of Olympic and professional athletes.  EP trainers 3500 athletes a month across 17 locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Pat The Roc
The Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy is a program that teaches players the proper fundamentals and skills needed to take their game to the next level.  Our system is considered to be one of the most creative and effective training methods in the world. Our ability to inspire not only through in person sessions, but also online courses, gives each one of our clients the chance to reach their maximum potential.  Players have the opportunity to gain up close and personal advice from "Pat The Roc" and his highly qualified staff of elite basketball trainers.  Through countless hours of practice and repetition, players will be able to develop "Great" habits on the court.  Ball-handling, shooting, defense, conditioning, and a winning mentality are a few key points players will develop each training session.

Pursuit Sports Group
Pursuit Sports Group is a strategy-consulting firm for professional athletes focusing on financial education, wealth accumulation, reputation management, and business development.
Our firm's goal is to assist clients in planning and executing solutions to ensure that they are financially stable during and after their professional sports career. With a stronger sense of financial security, our clients can focus on new opportunities in new markets.
We help to expand their horizons by connecting them to and educating them about new ventures that will increase their wealth, enhance their social responsibility, and reputation with the community.