GIRLS AAU Basketball


1. Ball Handling & Dribbling
2. Footwork & Body Control
3. Passing & Receiving
4. Boxing Out & Rebounding

YOUTH SKILLS CLINIC – Coach Bill Edmunds

The Youth Skills Clinic emphasizes fundamentals focusing on ball handling, shooting, and basketball situations. Each clinic quickly jumps into advanced skills to challenge each player.


Girls in elementary to middle school grades

Bill Edmunds

  • Founder of PV Thunder Basketball


Somerset Elementary School

5811 Warwick Place, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Limited Space:
Space is limited to 12 girls for each session


$30 per session


Advanced RSVP is required

RSVP to Bill Edmunds via email at

5. Movement without the Ball/Screening

6. Shooting

7. Team Defensive Concepts

8. Team Offensive Concepts

Clinic Agenda:
0:00-0:05 Check in
0:05-0:15 Stretching / Strength
0:15-0:30 Dribbling
0:30-0:45 Dribbling - Advanced
0:45-1:00 Shooting - Part 1
1:00-1:15 Shooting - Part 2
1:15-1:30 Moves / Situations

TEENAGE SKILLS TRAINING – Coach Krystal Ferguson

  • 1-on-1 Training

  • Small Group Training

As an AAU and high school basketball coach, Coach Krystal focuses on equipping players with the skills and attitude needed to excel at the AAU and high school level. Individual (1-on-1) or small group training sessions will consist of top notch drills where basic fundamentals and proper techniques are stressed. Focus is given to specific positions as well as team based skills. A customized training regimen is designed to ensure the player has a dynamic impact on the success of her basketball season.


Girls in middle school to high school grades


Krystal Ferguson

  • Head Coach of PV Thunder 2020 & 2021 Teams
  • Head Coach Trinity School at Meadow View (TSMV)

         Girls Varsity Basketball Team

To Schedule:

Contact Krystal Ferguson via email at, 202-279-0305 mobile


PV Thunder offers training year-round focused on player development. Our training goal is continuous improvement and separates basketball skills into eight categories:

PV Thunder offers the following training options:

  • Youth Skills Clinic – Coach Bill Edmunds

  • Teenage Skills Training – Coach Krystal Ferguson

    • 1-on-1 Training

    • Small Group Training

See below for Training details.