“Our daughter Irene has spent years on both travel soccer and basketball teams. PVT has stood out. Coach Krystal and the rest of the PVT coaches created a demanding and rewarding experience for our daughter. Her fundamentals and basketball IQ have improved significantly...all while making good friends and having fun.” - Tony and Debbie Haramis, parent of 2022 player

"Coach Jill has been amazing esp for our daughter. Even in just a few months, Coach Jill has helped our daughter tremendously in terms of bball IQ but most importantly, confidence and joy in the game." - Parent of 2028 player

“Coach Fitz along with Coach Jay and Coach Andy are SO great with the girls. Our daughter absolutely adores and admires Coach Fitz so much. She has the right balance of characteristics to make a great coach. She’s consistent, positive, firm when needed, poised, confident, and fun. We couldn’t have asked for a better role model and coach." - Parent of 2029 player

​​What our parents say 

We like to think of PV Thunder as a family, not an organization. Don't just take it from us, though. Here's what some of the parents of PVT players have said about us!

"We were so pleased with our decision to join the Potomac Valley Thunder organization. Due to our daughter's previous club disbanding, it was stressful to select a new club in the final and arguably most important AAU season. Coach Krystal was extremely transparent during the tryout process about our daughters potential role on the team which is not always the case. She was placed in an environment where she was able to improve her leadership and basketball skills while making long lasting relationships along the way. I believe Coach Krystal always has the players best interest at heart and strives to challenge them as well as put them in position to be successful both on and off the court. In hindsight, it was a perfect fit and we are very thankful that we made this decision."  Aric and Lara Holsinger, parent of 2022 player


"This program is truly devoted to player development. PVT incorporates conditioning, mid-season evaluations and team-bonding into their program. The coaches are committed and model integrity to their players. The PVT result produces players who enjoy the game, girls who thrive on solid competition and athletes who improve because they are motivated to do so!" - Cathryn Evans, parent of 2025 player

"Our family has been part of the PVT family since the beginning. We had tried other clubs in the area before but once we found PVT and especially Coach Krystal we were sure we found the right place. From the very first practice we realized that what set PVT apart from other clubs was developing the kids as basketball players, students, and people. The individual care, respect, and time my daughter's coaches show to her is a difference maker from other clubs. I would recommend PVT as one of the best organizations in the area." - Tim Dunn, parent of 2021 player

“This is the most well-organized team we’ve been on. Planning and communication from coach Fitz are excellent. I also like coach fitz’ focus on building confidence in young women.” - Parent of 2029 player

GIRLS AAU Basketball

"PV Thunder has not only helped my daughter become a much stronger player and competitor, it has also given her access to many of her most rewarding friendships and experiences." - Alan Berube, parent of 2025 player

"We had a very positive experience with the Potomac Valley Thunder organization.  It was by far the best all-around AAU program for our daughter.  The balance of competition, player development and amount of travel was perfect. Coach Krystal is a true professional.  She knows how to push the players to perform at their best and does so with a calm, patient and supportive demeanor.  Coach Krystal truly cares about her players beyond basketball as well.  She stresses the importance of academics and teaches valuable life lessons whenever possible. Our daughter will be playing basketball in college beginning this fall and Coach Krystal helped her navigate her way through the recruitment process.  I only wish we had started with Coach Krystal and the PV Thunder program sooner." - Jane Bidwick, parent of 2019 player

“Coach Jill provides great intensity, demands strong work ethic and excels at sharing her basketball knowledge with the team. A great group of girls who are supported by PVT.” - Parent of 2028 player

"PVT leadership (including coaches and managers) have been outstanding this season despite the challenging circumstances...offering such a great variety of options to fit a diverse group of parents' comfort levels. So thank you all!" - Parent of 2026 player (Feedback during COVID 2020)

“When our daughter was ready to move to AAU basketball, we took our time auditioning various clubs and coaches in the area. We knew from prior experience with club sports that it was important to view tryouts as a two-way transaction. Not only was the coach looking at our daughter to see if she was the right fit for the team but my daughter and we were looking at the coach and club to make sure it was the right fit for us. We wanted a club that would challenge and grow our daughter as person as well as a player. It was important to us to have a coach that cared for the girls as much as the game. Our daughter wanted a coach that would push her but that she could talk to and teammates that would make her better but also be a “team” in every sense. She was looking for a team that she could stay with. We could not be happier with PVT - the right mix of challenge, growth, and caring. We have never felt that the coaches or club were seeking victories or glory for themselves over the team. We’ve been especially impressed with the coaches’ desire to learn and improve as well. Coach Krystal has sought feedback and made adjustments from season to season without sacrificing control or command of the game. It has been fun watching the club grow!” - Michael Howson, parent of 2020 player