The next formal PV Thunder Tryout will be for the 2017-2018 Fall-Winter Season and on the weekend of September 9-10, 2017. Please check back in late summer for specifics (times, locations, etc).

PV Thunder will be forming the new PVT 2027 Team (3rd grade in September 2017). Contact Coach Bill Edmunds ( for more information.

Playing Time
Playing time is based upon talent, commitment, game-time situations and other coaching decisions. Parents must understand that playing time will not be equal regardless of the financial commitment.

It is extremely important for players to commit to attending all practices. PV Thunder believes that player development occurs in practice.

It is important for players to demonstrate commitment to the team that they are a part of. When commitment lacks from one individual on a team, the entire team suffers, which is unfair.

Parent and Fan Behavior
PV Thunder believes that our highly qualified coaches create the great experience for your daughter. PV Thunder therefore asks parents and all fans to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.

1. Let the coach do the coaching. Parents and fans are not to coach from the sidelines during the game.
2. Our development structure believes that each player should be gaining instructions from only the coaches throughout practice and games.
3. All parents and fans should respect their coach and display sportsmanship at all tournaments, scrimmages, and practices.
4. Parents and fans should remember that PV Thunder looks to create a positive learning environment for your daughter and that everyone involved in this process, including parents, fans and coaches need to be positive role models.



GIRLS AAU Basketball

If you missed our 2017 Spring Season Tryouts, please contact the team coach for consideration:

PVT High School (9th & 10th) Elite Team - Coach Krystal Ferguson,

PVT 2021 (8th Grade) Team - Coach Krystal Ferguson,

​PVT 2022 (7th Grade) Team - Coach Mike O'Neil,

​PVT 2023 (6th Grade) Team - Coach Roni Banks,

​PVT 2024 (5th Grade) Team - Coach Alex Paraloglou,

PVT 2025 (4th Grade) Team - Coach Mariah Jones,

​PVT 2026 (3rd Grade) Team - Coach Bill Edmunds,