TRYOUTS - Fall / Winter season



September 9

Session # 1

September 10

Session # 2

3rd Grade - PVT 2027

Jaime Sherls, Erin French

11am - 1pm

11am - 1pm

4th Grade - PVT 2026

Matthew Elmore, Danielle Douglas

11am - 1pm

11am - 1pm

5th Grade - PVT 2025

Ozzie Smith, Mariah Jones, Caitlin McClure

1pm - 3pm

1pm - 3pm

6th Grade - PVT 2024

Alexandra Paraloglou, Jason Goldblatt

1pm - 3pm

1pm - 3pm

7th Grade - PVT 2023

Meshashe Snowden, Steven Harris

3pm - 5pm

3pm - 5pm

8th Grade - PVT 2022

Mike O'Neil, Keno Green

3pm - 5pm

3pm - 5pm

9th Grade - PVT 2021

Krystal Ferguson, Ali Johnson,

Becky Silberman

Email Coach Krystal -

10th Grade - PVT 2020

11th Grade - PVT 2019

Tryout Notes:

Tryout Results

Player selection will be made by Monday September 11; all Tryout participants will be notified

PVT >80% Commitment Rule

Players must commit to the “>80% Commitment” rule meaning players must participate in a minimum of 80% of both practices and games; players must make PV Thunder their priority sport.

Parent and Fan Behavior
PV Thunder believes that our highly qualified coaches create the great experience for your daughter. PV Thunder therefore asks parents and all fans to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.

  • Let the coach do the coaching. Parents and fans are not to coach from the sidelines during the game.
  • Our development structure believes that each player should be gaining instructions from only the coaches throughout practice and games.
  • All parents and fans should respect their coach and display sportsmanship at all tournaments, scrimmages, and practices.
  • Parents and fans should remember that PV Thunder looks to create a positive learning environment for your daughter and that everyone involved in this process, including parents, fans and coaches need to be positive role models.

Tryout Form:

  • Print, complete, and bring to Tryouts



  • $20   (covers both sessions)

For the upcoming Fall-Winter Season (September 2017 - February 2018) PVT is hosting team Tryouts:


  • Session 1 = Saturday September 9, 2017
  • Session 2 = Sunday September 10, 2017

         Players are strongly encouraged to attend both Tryout sessions


  • St. Bartholomew School - 6900 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817


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